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CompTIA Network+

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CompTIA Network+


About this course

CompTIA Network+ Certification has been designed for those IT professionals, who wish to level up their expertise in managing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and installing basic network architecture.

We at SierraTec provides a complete, training for IT professionals, who wish to clear Network+ Certification and validate their professional expertise. In our instructor-led training for Network+ Certification, we will not only cover network technologies along with media and topologies, but we will also train in security management and optimization.

Exam Info

There will be a maximum of 90 questions, and the candidate will get 90 minutes to attempt them. The questions will be multiple-choice questions with single and multiple responses, drag-and-drop answer types and also performance-based queries.

On a scale of 100-900, passing marks will be 720


There are no prerequisites for this certification exam since this is a junior-level Network certification.

However, based on our experience, we can say that if the candidate has at least 9 months of hardcore experience in network support profile or network installation and/or academic training in this niche, then it will become easier to understand the fundamentals of this training module.

CompTIA A+ Certification is also recommended for the candidates, which covers these above-mentioned topics, and creates a solid foundation for Network+ Certification.

Target Audience

IT Professionals who are dealing and working with networks and their configuration are the ideal candidates for Network+ Certification.

Job profiles such as network administrator, network technician, network installer, help desk technician, technical troubleshooter, IT Cable Installer can go for CompTIA Network+ Certification, and cement their future prospects and career growth.

What's Included

The training module conceptualized by SierrTec for Network+ Certification enables the candidate to develop and nurture a solid career in IT Infrastructure, covering configuration, installation, and managing IT networks for organizations.

The training module will teach how to design and implement functional networks, configure network devices, troubleshoot common issues related to IT networks and understand critical security concepts to protect the network from hackers.

The concepts and the fundamentals taught for Network+ training will help the candidates to attempt and clear higher, more advanced network-specific certifications such as CCNA, Security+, and CASP.


Which Topics Will Be Covered In Training Program?


The topics are divided into 6 domains, for a better understanding and learning of the concepts.


Domain 1: Network Technologies

  • Understanding common networking protocols
  • Identifying TCP and UDP default ports
  • Understanding IPv6, IPv4, MAC addressing protocols

Domain 2: Network Media & Topologies

  • Identifying and understanding standard cable types and their distinct features
  • Learning about common connector types
  • Understand common physical network topologies

Domain 3: Network Devices

  • How to install and configure common network devices
  • Understanding the functionaries of specialized network devices
  • Learning about switch, and their advanced functions
  • How to implement a basic wireless network

Domain 4: Network Management

  • Understanding the OSI Models, and understanding each layer
  • In-depth learning about different types of configuration management documentation.

Domain 5: Networking Tools

  • Based on various situations, how to select the best command-line interface tool and how to verify the output and its functionality
  • What are network scanners, and how to use them
  • Which hardware tools should be used, in any given scenario, ensuring maximum output within a stipulated budget

Domain 6: Network Security

  • Understanding the purpose and functionality of hardware and software security devices
  • What is a firewall, how to use them for ensuring network safety (and different types of firewalls)
  • Understanding Network Access Security
  • Why user-authentication is important, and how to implement that seamlessly
  • What is device security, and how to implement it across the network
  • Overview of the common security threats which an IT Network needs to negotiate, and various mitigation techniques

Besides, the candidates will also get an overview of Cloud computing, network security-related concepts, hardware, and virtualization techniques.

Why Sign Up

  • Certified Trainers: If your trainers are not certified themselves, how will they ensure that candidates get the right knowledge and skills to clear Network+ Certification? All our trainers are certified, accredited, recognized, and outstanding with years of practical experience in working with IT Networks and Systems. This gives you an extra edge, compared to other candidates, who are learning from non-certified trainers.
  • Authorized Training Partner: SierraTec Secure is a reputable and authorized training partner for all CompTIA Certifications, including Network+. If you are seeking a training partner which provides certified trainers, state of the art computer lab, and the right knowledge, then SierraTec Secure is the place where you should be.

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