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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

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Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

About this course

The Certified Information System Auditor training program guides an individual on how to build, manage and execute IT security audits in a modern enterprise. Additionally, the training camp prepares an individual to appear in and pass the CISA certification exam held by ISACA.


Discover and master the skills to audit modern IT systems and network security infrastructure, efficiently. Learn to master the basic and advanced principles associated with systems audit and pass the global CISA certification with confidence.


The global demand for IS audit and management professionals is on the rise. CISA professionals are one of the highest demanded professionals in the world. Everyone from government agencies to private enterprises are searching for expert system auditors to improve their security framework. Join the CISA program to learn more about the opportunities, and prepare yourself for success, accordingly.


Level Up Your Professional Stature with CISA Certification

Exam Info

The CISA global certification exam is conducted by ISACA every year and one need to register beforehand before appearing for the final exam.


An information systems auditor with at least five years of systems auditing, management control or security experience is eligible for enrolling in CISA certification program.

Target Audience

CISA certification program is designed for information systems auditors who are planning to appear for ISACA CISA global certification program. Additionally, the program is for all information systems auditors who are looking to elevate their status, credibility and recognition.


Being a globally recognized examination, CISA helps individuals in transforming themselves into a credible and reputed IS audit professionals.  Not only the certification helps in boosting credibility but paves the way for career advancement and improved earning potential.

What's Included

The training program covers several major aspects related to IS audit and governance. The professional trainers will teach the basics of conducting an IS audit according to acceptable global standards and best practices. Along with the process, the program will also guide individuals on how to protect information assets from risks and vulnerabilities. This would help individuals in how to build an information security architecture that promotes confidentiality and security.


Other major topics covered in the training program are related to IT governance, infrastructure lifecycle management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Why Sign Up

Expert and Certified Instructors

    • Our experienced instructors know the nuances of modern information systems landscape deeply. They utilize their expertise and experience in guiding you to become a better information systems auditor. Moreover, they are certified to train and guide professionals like you by global bodies. we have the capabilities and facilities to help you succeed in your CISA exam preparation endeavors.

Learn the practical aspects associated with information systems audit with our organization, we have team of dedicated professionals to guide you on how to build, maintain, manage and control information systems as well as conduct an effective audit.

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